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Rackspace Cloud Files

Rackspace Cloud Files can be used to host static websites. It is fully integrated into the RADsite CMS and is particularly suitable for websites with:

  • large number of visitors from all around the world
  • lots of images, audio, or video content
  • large fluctuations in demand


Advertising campaigns, publicity, and seasonal demand can all generate abnormally high levels of traffic, and a conventional hosting solution has to be specified to cater for these peaks. With a cloud hosting solution, you only pay for what you use, and there is always enough capacity to cater for peaks of demand.


Cloud Files also integrates with the Akamai Content Delivery Network, which keeps copies of your website on powerful servers all around the world. This greatly speeds up the loading time of your website for overseas visitors, because the content can be served from a local server rather than travelling around the world from a UK server.

Hybrid Hosting

Many websites are made up of a lot of static content (such as product images and information pages) and a few dynamic pages (like a shopping basket or contact form). The RADsite CMS allows you to host the static part of your website on a cloud hosting solution, and the dynamic part on a conventional server or virutal server. For example, while most of the website is hosted on a virtual server, this page is part of the subdomain which is hosted on the Rackspace Cloud.

CMS Hosting Options

  • Rackspace is a world leader in hosting solutions with an excellent reputation for service and reliability.
  • Amazon S3 provides a similar cloud hosting solution for static websites, which can also be used with the RADsite CMS.
  • The RADsite CMS also works with many other hosting services.

Backup Storage

Rackspace Cloud Files can also be used for storing data for backup or archival purposes, although Amazon S3 may provide a more flexible and cost-effective solution for cloud backup.